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"It could all be so easy..."

For some time now, the question has hardly been whether IT cloud solutions are used in companies, but rather how. The high dynamics of cloud products require intelligent and professional management even after successful IT cloud migration. In addition to configuration changes in the cloud management interface, this also involves license management and monitoring of the cloud parameters and adjacent services such as backups, cloud security solutions or interface tools.

This is where our holistic IT cloud management comes in: We are responsible for the secure, stable and high-performance operation of your cloud solutions. This includes private or hybrid cloud solutions (e.g. based on VMWware for AWS) as well as public cloud products (e.g. Azure, Office 365, Apple Business Manager).

We also look out for license surpluses or resource surpluses for you, so that your cloud operation is always as economical as possible.

We offer you IT cloud management as part of our service concept with fast response times and optimized disruption prevention.

We look forward to hearing from you.